#WeAllLoveBeer: Are We Unconsciously Biased?

Tackling ‘unconscious bias’ is fast becoming a concern for global firms. But what does it mean in simple terms? We love this brilliant short film, which sums up the concept in just over 1 minute!

Unconscious bias occurs automatically. It’s triggered by our brain making quick assessments of people and situations, based on our background and our experiences. There is a growing body of research that suggests unconscious biases influence key workplace decisions and cause some of the enduring inequalities that are evident today. Mathematical data has demonstrated that even a very small level of bias can have a large impact across an organisation.

Policies alone will not change unconscious bias. But, the combination of policies on diversity and inclusion, supported by appropriate action, can significantly reduce discrimination.

Our interest peaked when we realised that although much of the focus is centred on the workplace and employment, the end user or client has experienced that same bias played out in digital content with a significantly damaging impact.

Best practice is something we all aspire to but when a business is truly inclusive and supportive of its women clients, the buzz spreads quickly through professional and social networks.

Did you know that on average women will recommend a good experience ten times more than men will?

That’s a powerful source of advocacy and new clients.

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