Achieving the Global Certification Standard for Gender Balanced Digital Platforms through our six-step process, will help you to increase your visibility in the market and ensure your platforms are working to provide the best return on investment possible.  You’ll visibly demonstrate to your clients that you are making an ongoing professional commitment to delivering gender appropriate support and services.

By joining an elite group of certified global companies and organisations who ‘walk the talk’ towards digital gender balance, your teams will be up-skilled with access to powerful online learning tools and peer support.

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We’ll work with you to review the delivery of actions identified through the audit process and set a plan to achieve Certification.  You’ll receive our Certification logo, which can be displayed on relevant corporate marketing collateral.  The logo is a powerful tool to differentiate your organisation from others in the marketplace.PROCESS

Certification will add value in all the ways we’ve already outlined, but we envisage it may also help you to draw from a greater pool of customers, and you’ll have the opportunity to become part of a wider global expert network with a focus on gender equality and enterprise.


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