We want to help enhance the skills of decision makers, business advisors, policy managers, communicators and media specialists, digital (and traditional) content marketers, social media gurus and everyone in between, providing trusted advice and support in person and through this growing online resource.

From the outset, it’s a conversation. Together, we’ll work out the process for your organisation, taking into account your core purpose, team structure, digital resources and budget. It’s a bespoke offering that is tailored to your needs.

Delivering our service involves a menu of options including a full audit of your digital presence and training for teams and staff who are making decisions, delivering client-facing services, designing platforms, creating content and interacting on social media platforms.

We’ll share best practice knowledge and practical examples, suggest improvements to existing digital presentation and together, we’ll work up a detailed action plan that will map out the route to certification.

The learning won’t stop when we exit the building!  Ongoing support, peer discussion and learning, and CPD modules will be accessible through our secure client platform, which will also contain the latest research and best practice from the world of digital gender balanced content.


Our audit, consultancy and training services are designed to bring about sustained learning, capacity building and delivery. We’re a trusted advisor, and it is our mission to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Our collective success and measurement will depend on that.