Launching a Global First

              Official Release 16.11.15 WOMEN’S ENTERPRISE SCOTLAND LEADS THE FIELD WITH LAUNCH OF WORLD’S FIRST DIGITAL GENDER BALANCE CERTIFICATION PROGRAMME Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) is today (Monday 16 November) launching the world’s first programme designed to allow organisations to review the gender balance in their current digital presence and identify gaps and anomalies. The new … Continue reading Launching a Global First

#Tippingpoint for Gender Equality

The conversation about gender equality across a wide range of issues is global and growing at a pace. We’ve reached a digital tipping point; early adopters are showing us ‘how to’, strategists and decision makers are working out ‘when?’ and ‘how much?’, and some unaware leaders are demonstrating why ‘who’ and ‘what’ matters. In the first of our … Continue reading #Tippingpoint for Gender Equality

#WeAllLoveBeer: Are We Unconsciously Biased?

Tackling ‘unconscious bias’ is fast becoming a concern for global firms. But what does it mean in simple terms? We love this brilliant short film, which sums up the concept in just over 1 minute! Unconscious bias occurs automatically. It’s triggered by our brain making quick assessments of people and situations, based on our background … Continue reading #WeAllLoveBeer: Are We Unconsciously Biased?