Improving the standard for gender balance and the bottom line

Our Mission

Our mission is to help shape a world where all digital content is gender balanced.

We want to help enhance the skills of decision makers, business advisors, policy managers, communicators and media specialists, digital (and traditional) content marketers, social media gurus and everyone in between, providing trusted advice and support in person and through this growing online resource.

We also want to encourage all digital users to speak up and tell us what they love and loathe about their online experiences – using #IAmYourClient

Our Audit
The Conversation
Our Research

our audit

When we looked, we found some shocking examples of digital content that was far from gender balanced

We found it in unexpected places, belonging to global companies, local support providers and many in between

At best, it wouldn’t resonate with many women and at worst, would likely make women click away

In many cases, the content on digital platforms was at odds with overall organisational values and commitment to gender equality and balance


The conversation about gender equality across a wide range of issues is global and growing at a pace

We’ve reached a digital tipping point

early adopters are showing us ‘how to’

strategists and decision makers are working out ‘when?’ and ‘how much?’

and some unaware leaders are demonstrating why ‘who’ and ‘what’ matters


Our research has uncovered some key findings

there are global, regional and local policies that place significant emphasis on gender equality; in fact, gender equality will underpin all the post-2015 UN Millennium Development Goals

much work has been undertaken on the theme of women and the internet – environment, abilities, security/safety, participation, getting women into tech

but there is a recognition that to date, there is limited activity targeted towards developing gender appropriate content

however, all available research findings have identified this gap as an immediate priority

FIND OUT MORE GET CERTIFIED Digital Gender Balance is brought to you by Women’s Enterprise Scotland, a global leading organisation with an excellent track record of delivery for public, private and third sector clients. Women’s Enterprise Scotland works to create an entrepreneurial environment where women-led businesses can flourish and grow. The Digital Gender Balance methodology is grounded in the latest research and best practice, along with collaborative input from global industry experts. Our unique and diverse team bring extensive international experience in all of the specialisms required to provide this important service, something that is without doubt our favourite unique selling point!

Impact and Inclusion

We’re focused on achieving significant impact from the gender balanced changes we will help to deliver with our clients. Impact for women business owners in particular, resulting in a more inclusive digital landscape.


We’re action orientated, but action alone won’t cut it. We need measurement and gender-disaggregated data to establish a baseline for client impact, to demonstrate the value of our work and the ultimate benefits for the end user. We’ll use qualitative and quantitative data, and we’ll continually focus on any gaps identified to improve our service.

Innovation and Creativity

We love blazing a trail and what better opportunity to get creative than innovating to address an omnipresent contemporary digital challenge? We’re energised by our clients and will always seek to collaborate to blend ideas, skills and opportunities. That said, we’re bringing years of multi-disciplinary expertise to the table, so our work is underpinned by research and credibility.


Our Global Certification Standards are designed to bring about sustained learning, capacity building and delivery. We’re a trusted advisor, and it is our mission to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Our collective success and measurement will depend on that.

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Our unique and diverse team bring extensive international experience in all of the specialisms required to provide this important service, something that is without doubt our favourite unique selling point!

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